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Save time from ironing. This Steam Press works on all types of clothing (pleated skirts,pants,blouses,etc.).
It has an Auto shut-Off if down 10 seconds or if left up for over 15 minutes. It's portable and very easy to store.
It includes the sleeve Pad,the Spray Bottle and its Instruction Manual. It is U/L Approved.

This Electronic Power Steam Press features:
Application Power: 110-120V,60Hz/220-230V,50Hz
Power : 1350W
Pressing Plate Size: 22.5 x 9
Measurements: 24 x 10 x 21.5
N.W.: 11 KG / 22.2 LBs.
Steam Burst Buttons
-Located on both sides of Handle Grip.
Convenient Water Tank.
-Slides forward for easy filling.
ST-02 Stand
Stand fits most Steam and Dry Presses. This stand is made with
Heavy-Duty Aluminum Supports.Provides a sturdy place to press your
garments with years of reliability. It's very comfortable and adjustable.
This stand features:
-Measurements: 15 x 6 x 28
-N.W.: 12 lbs./G.W.: 14 lbs.
GSI-8800 PSP-990 ST-02 Stand PSS-2001