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FY8900 Oil Efficient High Speed Lockstitch Sewing Machine
  • Oil-Efficient lubrication: with sealed oil tank and inner recycling lubrication system applied, the machine far from the oil-pollution.
  • The chain behind the needle bar moved 100mm to the right side, which helps the fabric pass through more smoothly.
  • The bobbin winder set on the top of the machine in elegant appearance, which simplify the adjustment of bobbin and replacing of shuttle.
  • The height of machine¡¯s chin is nearly 70 mm, which enlarge the space around the head and helps the inspection of sewing zone.
  • The machine¡¯s inside is 300mm in width and 140mm in height , which makes the moving and orientation of fabric more easily.
  • This model is 40% heavier than the ordinary lockstitch machines, so that it has a better stability.
  • The applied timing belt simplified the procedure of convection and helps the machine run in the condition of low noise and less vibration.
FY8900 ¡ï DBx1
5000s.p.m. 5mm 10# 5.5mm-13mm ¡ï ¡ï ¡ï G.W 41kg 
N.W 38kg