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FY00558A High Speed Chainstitch Sewing Machines
FY0058A-1 Single needle chainstitch sewing machine
FY0058A-2 Double needle chainstitch sewing machine
This machine adopts link-typed feeding mechanism,needle bar thread taking up,and looper thread catching to produce two lines of chainstitch,which is firm and elastic,suitable for lapping seam and decorative seam on garments,underwear,bedding articles and leather goods.There are five different gauges available for selection.

By changing fixed needle protection mechanism into moveable needle protection mechanism it can prevent needle breaking and stitch skipping effectively in the motion of the thread hooking,and make stitch more beautiful.

The main running parts of the machine head are all made of the high quality steel,ensuring high speed operation for a long time.
FY0058A-1 2 75-90 5500r.p.m 29/38kg 610x240x570
FY0058A-2 2 75-90 5500r.p.m 29/38kg 610x240x570
FY84 FY81 FY82 FY87 FY3080/3081/3082 FY0058A-1/-2