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FY84 High-speed Double-needle Lockstitch Sewing Machines With Separate Needle Bar
Only push operation handle could stop left needle; if necessary, it could be used as single needle sewing machine.
Needle send cloth, sewing will not be warp or shrink.

FY84-3L 5mm DPx5 11-16# 3000s.p.m. 7-13mm 55/48kg 675x310x660
FY84-5M 5mm DPx5 11-16# 3000s.p.m. 7-13mm 55/48kg 675x 310x660
FY84-7H 5mm DPx5 14-22# 3000s.p.m. 7-13mm 55/48kg 675x310x660
FY84 FY81 FY82 FY87 FY3080/3081/3082 FY0058-A1/-2