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FY737B/747B/757B Super High-Speed Overlock Sewing Machines Series
Suitable for overlocking and overedging workpieces of light and medium-weight materials.

Low sewing tension, neat and beautiful stitch even running with high speed.

Auto lubricated and excellent performance.

FY737B FY747B FY757B
FY737B-504M2-04 1 3 úş 4mm 3.6mm 0.7-2 5.5mm DCí┴27 11#-14# 6000s.p.m 34/32kg 470x330x485
FY747B-514M2-24 2 4 2mm 4mm 3.6mm 0.7-2 6mm DCí┴27 11#-14# 6000s.p.m 34/32kg 470x330x485
FY757B-516M2-35 2 5 3mm 5mm 3.6mm 0.7-2 6mm DCí┴27 11#-14# 5500s.p.m 34/32kg 470x330x485