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FY32008-01CB High-speed Stretch Sewing Machines
  • Suitable for sewing the collar edge and sleeve-cuff of the knitted underwears,sports shirts and trousers, T-shirts,elastic etc.
  • The basic model of this series of machine can form basic stitch and covering stitch. On the above-machine basic stitchs,through derivation, it can also be used as special sewing machine to sew nylon zippers and scallops.
  • This machine adopts complete-closed auto lubrication systm,main drive adopts timing belt to ensure high speed and less noise, the concerned parts are through special treatment,to improve its wear-resistance capacity.
FY32008 3 5 5.6 1.4-3.6mm 1:0.3 1 1:2.9 5 11# 6000s.p.m.