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System function:
Model type:AC servo system motor PMSM
Voltage range:200-240v
Large rotate speed:6000r.p.m
FY100S Industrial Lock Stitch Sewing Machine Numerical Control Servo System
The system adopt the latest international DSP as the control core, processing accurate control of rare earth magnetism no brosh communicate high speed numerical control servo system. This system adopt the technology of light, machine, electrical, magnetism, power, computer control and communication technology, adopt a special way to deal with the noise, moment change become larger, response quickly, orientation accurately, has the over pressure, own pressure, short clrcuit and communication function.The motor adopt self-ddsigned rare earth magnetism no brush communicate speed, more efficlent, smaller volume, less vibration and less noise.

FY-100S industrial lock stitch sewing machine numerical control servo system is developed by FEIYUE GROUP. it will catch the pace of international fashion.

,No grade change speed
,Control needle position
,Low laugh
,Feet presser lift
,Auto threat cut, threat drew
,Auto sewing, side sewing
,Lockstitch tract control
,Showing 4 high

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