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FY781 Series High-speed Lockstitch Straight Button Holing Industrial Sewing Machines
Buttonhooling for ordinary cloth,knit,etc.It's suitable for light and medium weight materials all.

This machine is capable kf forming two different types of stitches,namely whip stitch and oirl stitch.The sewn seam is beautiful and firmly.

Hight sewing speed and adjustable buttonhole lenght width and stitches NO.

Automatic lubrication system and thread trimmer are equipped.
FY781 22mm 2.5-4mm 1/4"-3/4"


DP5 75,80,85,90,(11#-14#) 12mm 370W,1400r.p.m
58kg 700350825
FY8620 FY1952 FY1950 FY1960 FY7900 FY1850 FY781 FY373 FY100S