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FY457 High-speed Zigzag Sewing Machines
New type rotary thread take-up ensure uniform thread tensions at tension settings. With the adoption of reshaped hook and thread guide which prevents flapping of thread, high quality stitches can be achieved.

Off-center axis hook has been adopted which allows the hook point to catch thread loop at equidistance to left and right, thereby. It also creates nice-looking and soft stitches. Needle-to-hook adjustment has also become easier.

Fine adjustment of stitch length is possible by using a knob. Visual display for stitch length with the use of an indicator.
FY457-125L DPí┴5  Nm70-130 2mm 5000s.p.m. 5mm 8.5mm 640x285x610 40/35kg
FY457-125M DPí┴5  Nm70-130 1.2mm 5000s.p.m. 5mm 8.5mm 640x285x610 40/35kg
FY457A-125 FY457A-135L-D FY457 FY20U23/33/43/53 FY20U63