KC-3 6"

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Equipped with an auto-knife grinding device and a built-in knife sharpener, this 6-inch blade, stand up, straight knife cutting machine is perfect for mass trimming on a wide range of fabrics.

It is applicable to cut both soft light materials and hard heavy ones, such as cotton, wool, linen, leather, silk, chemical fiber, carpet, umbrella cloth, denim, plastic flooring, plastic blanket, down cloth, terylene, stretch cotton, sack cloth, etc. 

With the features of low noise, low temperature, stable running, small resistance, simple operate, easy cut and efficient auto-sharpening, it's an ideal cutting equipment for modern fabric industry.


    • Includes built-in knife blade sharpener
    • Neat cutting, small-curvature radius curvilinear cutting
    • Low noise, stable running, easy to operate and high efficiency
    • Incorporated with an auto knife-grinding device, easier to operate
    • Available in 6-inch blade (KC-3 6”)
    • Suitable for mass trimming cotton, wool, linen, chemical fiber, silk fabric, etc. Cutting is light, smooth operation, the use of comfort. Easy to grinding blade and sharp.
    • Technical specifications:  Model: KC-3; Power Supply: 110V; Electric motor:550W 4.4 amps; Rotate speed:2800/3400 rpm;   Lubricating oil:#18;  Weight: 18.5KG, 1 Phase.

 Please note the blade length does not equal the amount of stacked material that can be cut. The cut depth will depend on the thickness, texture, and density of the material you are using. If you are unsure if this cutter will suit your application please contact us to let us know the material that you are using, and we will be happy to offer our best recommendation.