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*Same as Singer 20U83, HEAD Only, 15.75x7" Flat Bed Size, Longest 6mm Stitch Length, 1/4" Foot Lift by Hand Lever, 1/2" Foot Lift by Knee Lever, Bobbin Winder, Oil Wick, No Table

These 20U class machines have been in production for well over 35 years offering the versatility of medium speed straight stitching, zig-zag stitching, satin stitch embroidery and free-motion work. 

The 20U class has also been designed for natural, synthetic fabrics and for light weight leather with perfect straight stitching with up to 12mm of zig-zag stitches. 

The Knee lifter can be used to raise the foot or control zig-zag width. Buttonholes are produced by means of right, center, and left needle positions. The needle bar frame locking clamp is engaged by a quick 1/4 turn of a knob. 
With a built in bobbin winder and a hook that automatically advances and retards timing (according to zig zag width) the 20U class also incorporates an adjustable forward and reverse stitch length mechanism.

  • Up to 2,000 stitches per minute
  • This machine is suitable for sewing straight, zigzag, embroidery or decorative stitches
  • Its needle can be adjusted horizontally to sew neat and nice decorative patterns
  • Locked in Straight stitches up to 6mm stitch length
  • Full Rotary all metal hook
  • Zig-zag up to 12mm stitch width
  • Three needle positions
  • Same size bed as Singer 20U
  • Reverse Lever
  • Light to Heavy duty apparel


Optional add-ons:


Clutch Motor

Servo Motor