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  • One-needle Post-bed Lockstitch Machine

Suitable for the sewing of leather, bags, shoes and more, the FY810 industrial sewing machine comes equipped with a single needle and a full-rotary horizontal-shaft hook. With a pillar-shaped sewing bed and roller-wheeled press-foot, this machine makes for an easier operational process.

The machine adopts single needle and vertical rotatary hook. The operation becomes easier, thanks to the pillar-shaped sewing bed and the roller-wheeled press-foot.The machine is sutiable for the sewing of leather, pack, shoes, etc.


  • One-needle, post-bed design
  • Reverse stitching is available with an easy lever operation
  • Rotary speed: 2500
  • Full-rotary, horizontal-shaft hook

Needle number: 1

Needle size: DP×5  14#

Presser foot height: 7.2-10mm

Speed: 3000s.p.m

Weight: 41/40kg

Package size: 640×320×590

Optional add-ons:

TT-810 Table

Clutch Motor

Servo Motor