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  • This machine is suitable for rolling collar of knitted underwear, sports shirts and trousers, elastic tape of skirts etc. 
  • This machine adopts complete-closed auto lubrication system, main drive adopts timing belt to assure high speed and lower noise, the concerned parts are through special treatment, to improve its wear-resistance capacity
  • Differential feed amount can be easily adjusted using a dial. With a simplified dial mounted on the front surface of the machine, the differential feed ratio can be adjusted with ease.
  • Low-vibration and low-noise promise comfortable operation. The low-vibration and low-noise design of the machine enable the operator to concentrate on sewing works in a more comfortable environment. 
  • The small diameter of the cylinder makes it possible to sew narrow tubular materials. The standard cylinder has a circumference of 270mm. Thanks to the cylinder design, the machine can easily sew various types of small-diameter tubular materials, making it ideal for general purpose processes and sewing works.

Speed: 6000s.p.m.

Needle size: 11#

Presser foot height: 7mm

Needle distance: 3.2/4.0/4.8/5.6/6.4

Thread: 4/5

Needle: 2/3

Width of the Stitch Bite: 1.4-3.6mm

Package Weight: 112 lbs

Dimension: 23x17x21 inches

Optional add-ons:

TT-2500 Table

Servo Motor