KS-8700B (including TT-8700B table)

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Ricoma’s KS-8700B flat-bed lockstitch sewing machine is ideal for sewing together light to medium garments like denim, cloth, knitted materials, and much more. Its top speed of 5,500 stitches per minute will help you finish projects quickly and faster than your competitors. Along with high speeds, the KS-8700B has a rotary hook, an advanced noise decreasing device, and an energy-efficient direct-drive servo motor that allows for smoother and quieter operation with less vibration.  The motor is also housed inside the sewing machine, so you don’t have to manually install a motor and belt underneath the table. When it comes to sewing, the KS-8700B has an adjustable stitch length between 1mm to 5mm so you can switch between shorter and stronger seams to longer and looser seams, depending on the project and material. Its presser foot can lift from 5 to 13mm to sew thicker materials from objects like tents and bags. And its drop-feed mechanism and four rows of feed dogs allow you to feed fabric easily and evenly under the needle to control the stitch’s direction and length. Lastly, the KS-8700B’s automatic oiling system ensures the machine is always lubricated, and that maintenance is mess-free.  


Type of machine: Lockstitch flat-bed 

Application: Light-Medium garments 

Max. Sewing Speed: 5,500 spm 

Max. Stitch Length: 5mm 

Needle Bar Stroke: 31.75mm 

Thread Take-Up Stroke: 60.33mm 

Needle: DBx1 #9 to #18 (16x257) 

Number of Needles1 (Single) 

Thread: Polyester or Nylon up to #69 


Lubrication System: Automatic 

Lubricating Oil: White sewing machine oil 

Presser Foot Lift: 

  • By hand: 5 mm 
  • By knee: 13mm 

Feeding mechanism: Drop-feed 

Feed Dog3 rows 

Bobbin: L bobbin 

Motor: Direct-drive 

Machine weight: 31.35 kg 

Machine dimensions: 53.65 X 11.11 X 22.86 cm 

Sewing machine table dimensions: 119.7 X 53.5 X 3.7 cm 

Shipping weight: 79 lbs.  

Shipping dimensions: 29x15x25 in 



  • Use this machine to sew light to medium garments like cloth, denim, knits, and more.  
  • Easy to operate with simple functions.  
  • Automatic lubrication system that ensures the machine is always lubricated and that maintenance is mess-free.  
  • Quiet and energy-efficient direct-drive servo motor housed inside the machine.  
  • Advanced noise decreasing device.  
  • High presser foot clearance of 13mm.  
  • Sews at high speeds of up to 5,500 stitches per minute with steady precision. 
  • Adjust the stitch length to as high as 5mm by simply turning a dial.  
  • Backtacking and reverse stitching functions.