KSB-6-4 (including TT-8700B table)

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The KSB-6-4 sewing machine from Ricoma is the newest generation of advanced computer lockstitch sewing machines. With a simple tap, you can easily set different sewing functions on its easy-to-use digital touchscreen panelThe KSB64 is loaded with many high-tech features that can save you time, boost your productivity, and provide the best sewing experience compared to other machines on the market. For example, its auto-trim feature can cut the thread as short as 3mm, which means you don’t have to trim excess thread manually. Additionally, the auto-sewing feature allows you to choose the number of stitches you want to sew on the digital panel. Once those preset stitches have been sewn, the machine will automatically stop. You can even save certain stitch settings in the KSB-6-4, so you don’t have to enter them for every garment you sew. Along with those useful functions, the backtacking and reverse stitching functions help reinforce your seams so they don’t fall apart. The KSB-6-4 is also equipped with a unique soft-start option, which prevents the machine from jerking and ruining your stitches when you start sewing. And if you need to adjust the stitch length from 1 to 5 mm, the KSB-6-4 sewing machine has dial on its side that allows you to make your adjustments with ease. 

Maintaining your sewing machine is easier than ever, thanks to its automatic lubrication system, which ensures the machine is always lubricated and ready to go. In addition, the quiet and smooth-running direct-drive motor housed in the machine also helps reduce set-up time since you won’t have to manually install a motor and belt. 

Finally, the revolutionary KSB-6-4 sewing machine comes with free assembly and free shipping, saving you both time and money. 


Type of machine: Lockstitch flat-bed 

Application: Light-Medium garments 

Max. Sewing Speed: 3,700 spm 

Max. Stitch Length: 5mm 

Needle Bar Stroke: 31.75mm 

Thread Take-Up Stroke: 57.15mm 

Needle: DBx1 #9 to #18 or 16x257  

Number of Needles: 1 (Single)  

Thread: Polyester or Nylon up to #69  

Hook: Rotary  

Lubrication System: Automatic  

Lubricating Oil: White sewing machine oil  

Presser Foot Lift:  

  • By hand: 5mm 
  • By knee: 13mm 

Feeding mechanism: Drop feed 

Feed Dog: 3 

Bobbin: L bobbin  

Motor: Direct-drive  

Machine weight: 36.97 kg 

Dimensions: 57 X 16 X 25 cm 

Sewing machine table dimensions: 119.7 X 53.5 X 3.7 cm  

  • Easily adjust the stitch length from 1 to 5 mm with a dial. 
  • Backtacking and reverse functions. 
  • Auto-trim feature automatically trims your thread. 
  • Auto-sewing feature allows you to set a certain number of stitches, and the machine will stop after they are sewn.  
  • Soft start feature prevents jerking of the machine. 
  • LED light to illuminate your sewing area. 
  • Choose between finishing a seam with the presser foot raised above your fabric or sitting on top. 
  • Programs to save certain stitch settings. 
  • Motor speed control. 
  • Closed oil pan structure to prevent garments from staining. 
  • Automatic lubrication system that ensures the machine is always lubricated and that maintenance is mess-free.