FY0058A-1 (includes table, stand, servo motor & LED light)

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The FY0058A-1 is a high-speed single-needle chainstitch industrial sewing machine that is perfect for sewing decorative seams onto items like pant hems, shirt sleeves, bedding, leather goods, and much more. Chain stitches are created by looping the thread back on itself, resulting in a strong seam and a roping effect that looks great on all types of garments and fabrics. Additionally, the FY0058A-1 has an adjustable stitch length between 1 mm and 4 mm, so you can switch between shorter and stronger seams to longer and looser seams, depending on the project and material. Along with its chain stitch capabilities, the machine’s top speed of 5,500 revolutions per minute will help you finish projects quickly and faster than your competitors. This will increase your efficiency and potentially your revenue. Finally, the durable and long-lasting industrial sewing machine is made of high-quality steel, which means it can handle your daily wear and tear.